Creating the perfect set requires more than just an imagination. You’ll need to put all your ideas into place to form the ultimate theatrical set. At Imported Theatre Fabrics, we have all your theatre set requirements in Australia covered. In addition to various unique theatre fabrics for your drapes and stage curtains, you will need to invest in the very best theatre set requirements. This includes:

  • Backdrops 
  • Flooring
  • Projection screens 
  • Drape supports 
  • Accessories
  • Much more

At Imported Theatre Fabrics, our products will help you create a show worthy of being shown on Broadway. Our team believes in collaboration and that every project requires the utmost attention to detail. Therefore, we will strive to understand your theatre set requirements and find products from our inventory best suited to your production through a comprehensive discussion. Whether you’re working on traditional theatre performance, a screening school production or TV set, or something entirely different, we have the theatre set requirements for any venue, setting or project in Australia. Contact us today for more information on our products and how we can add value to your next performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a breakdown of one method of how the scenic design goes about the set design.
  • Read and analyse the script thoroughly before imagining where to use what.
  • Redefine your ideas using sketches, models, thumbnails and more.
  • Take opinions and make alterations with your team
  • Try to draw and recreate the scenery before it comes to life.
  • Draft, plan and build different types of models, including a miniature one.
  • Get a full-colour and rendered model
  • Rehearse and redevelop the scenes
Suppose a set has a three-dimensional backdrop that gives the appearance of a particular setting. Then, usually, it is made of linen, metal, plaster, or wood. Fabric, paint, and lighting are other common elements utilised in theatre set design.
Three essential things you need to have to have a theatre are- actors or performers, a proper play or script and a supportive audience. These three essential elements, when in sync, can produce an outstanding performance all by themselves.