Painted Backdrops Australia

Colour: N/A
Size: As requested
Weight: Varies on fabric
Flame retardancy standard: Yes
Composition: Fabric Selection

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Why Would Painted Backdrops Be Your Best Option?

Backdrops make a considerable impact on the scenes and settings in the theatre. Not only can a good backdrop enhance your photos, but it will also spare you from the tedious post-processing. Backdrops come in different types and can be made from various materials such as muslin, scrim, cycloramas, etc.

Are you wondering why you should be choosing a hand-painted backdrop or custom-painted backdrops for your set? Here are some excellent reasons to help you make up your mind to go for painted backdrops in Australia.

High Durability

Backdrops made of hand-painted canvas are incredibly robust. They can last for several years and do not damage so easily if taken care of. All these distinctive qualities of hand-painted canvas backdrop can be guaranteed a long-term background solution with appropriate maintenance and storage. Therefore, purchasing a hand-painted canvas backdrop could be a wise investment that pays off over time.

Unique Texture

You can get visual interest from texture, and it’s simple to distinguish a canvas backdrop from a cloth or paper one based on texture. Each backdrop has an utterly distinct texture. You can never achieve the depth and tonality of the background with any other printed backdrops because of the many layers and textures of the paint.

Allows Personalisation

Some businesses provide you with custom painted backdrops. You can select the size, colour, and texture of your backdrop. As an illustration, the backdrop in the background is a beige hue, a high-texture backdrop constructed explicitly for this session. With the addition of lighting and other effects, each backdrop’s distinct tone and mood somewhat alter.


Customised hand-painted canvas backdrops are available in a range of sizes. Even the smallest size for the painting can be rolled up and carried efficiently in a backpack. They can be used immediately after unpacked and unfolding, saving time and energy.

After thoroughly understanding your requirements, Imported Theatre Fabric provides you with the required painted backdrops Australia. You can rest assured about the quality of work and the materials used to be of high quality. You can feel free to contact our team for any further queries.

Our team of scenic artist are experts in traditional theatrical painting techniques and effects and can create your backdrops. Give us a call to discuss how we can assist you.

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Custom Or hand Painted Backdrops

Hand painted backdrops are a beautiful and unique addition to any stage production. Hand painted backdrops are perfect for productions that require a specific look or feel, and can be customized to fit the specific needs of the show.

Custom painted backdrops are also a great option for stage productions. These backdrops are created according to the specific requirements of the production and can be tailored to the exact look and feel of the show. Custom painted backdrops can include specific colors, designs, and details that are unique to the production.

The process of creating a hand painted or custom painted backdrop typically begins with a consultation with the artist or designer, during which the overall design and specific requirements are discussed. The artist will then create a sketch or rendering of the proposed design, which will be reviewed and approved by the client before the painting process begins.

The cost for a hand painted or custom painted backdrop can vary depending on the size, complexity, and materials used. It is typically more expensive than pre-made backdrops but the results are unique, one of a kind, and can add a lot of value to the stage production.

When you are looking for a hand painted or custom painted backdrop, We have a proven track record of creating high-quality backdrops. We also provide samples of previous work and to get a detailed quote for the project.

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