Blackout Curtains Australia -Masking, Acoustic, Duvetyne & Molton Fabrics

Blackout Curtains in Australia


We offer an extensive range of blackout curtains to match your taste and requirements and are available in a variety of colours. As a renowned supplier of block out curtain fabric, we offer custom-designed blackout curtains for use in auditoriums and conference rooms. You can also use our blackout fabric as a drapery fabric and curtain lining to block out light. Our curtains are also known for their insulating properties. It keeps your interior space cool and quiet. 

Acoustic drapes, an ideal solution for your room with echo-producing or sound-reflecting surfaces like marble, glass, and concrete. You can use our acoustic curtains as the perfect alternative to acoustic panelling and easily install them in your office, home, conference room, and commercial hospitality space. The curtains help provide soundproof spaces free from other noises.

Our Molton or Duvetyne fabrics are one of the most popular choices of our clients in Australia because of their extra-wide, budget-friendly, and stage masking properties. They are brushed on both sides and offer a perfect option if you are looking for acoustic curtains that eliminate reverberation. 

Imported Theatre Fabrics is an expert manufacturer and supplier of blockout, duvetyne & Molton curtain fabric in Australia. We recommend our clients use our premium quality blockout curtain fabric to create an effective black box. You can also use it for masking your legs, stage, or borders. 

We also offer stage curtains, cinema curtains, theatre backdrop, scenic art, string curtains and more. To know in detail, browse our website and products. 

We offer an extensive range of blackout curtain fabrics at Imported Theatre Fabrics to satisfy your taste and requirements. They are available in a variety of colours, patterns, and styles.

  • Duvetyne or Flame Retardant (F/R) Black Molton Fabric 300GSM
  • Intrinsically Flame Retardant (IFR) Black Wool Fabric 580GSM
  • Flame Retardant (F/R) coloured Molton Fabric 300 GSM
  • Flame Retardant (IFR) coloured wool fabric 580GSM

Masking or Molton fabrics are popular for their versatile applications outside the theatre or performance stage. Some of the most common reasons they are used include: 

  • They are one of the most popular choices in venues for cost-effective masking. 
  • They help in defining spaces at large functions or events. 
  • They are known for managing light on television and film sets. 
  • They provide an ideal option for acoustic curtains.  

Elevate your space with the perfect blend of durability and style at Imported Theatre Fabrics. Contact us at 03 9583 9559 and let our blackout curtains in Australia redefine your interior space.


Do you really need blackout curtains?
The major benefit of blackout curtains is that they block light more effectively than any other kind of curtain. They also improve a room’s insulation, boosting energy efficiency. Blackout curtains can also help to muffle outside sounds due to their thickness.
The degree of light blocking is the major distinction between blackout and room-darkening curtains. While room-darkening curtains block most light from entering the room, blackout curtains are made to entirely block all light from entering the room.
The primary idea about using blackout curtains is to keep light out of a room. Blackout curtains may completely block all-natural and artificial light, keeping your room black as a cave throughout the day.
Molton is frequently used in theatres to hide the stage or for the legs and borders. Additionally perfect as a blackout fabric to create a dark space or an acoustic curtain to reduce echo.
Currently, black flame-resistant Duvetyne is often used for curtains, home furnishings, and to control light spills. Commercial lighting flags are frequently made of Duvetyne. When Duvetyne is used in film applications, especially in the eastern United States, it is also known as “commando cloth.”