Curtain Tracks & Portable Drape Supports

Curtain Tracks & Portable Drape Supports In Melbourne


Imported Theatre Fabrics is a leader in supplying and installing high-quality light duty, medium duty, and heavy-duty curtain tracks in both motorised and hand traversed. We supply portable drape supports to clients in Melbourne and other parts of Australia. We provide curtain tracks and portable drape supports for all budgets. All of our theatre tracks come with roller bearing runners.

You can create your temporary draping quickly and easily with our light-weight modular drape support system. They are also known as push-ups. Give us a call for details of sizing and amazing uses for this product.

Beside this, we also offer more other products like cinema curtainsblackout clothscenic art, string curtains and more. To know in detail ring a bell at 03 9583 9559 or browse our website.

What Our Portable Drape Supports Can Do For You

Imported Theatre Fabrics stock fully adjustable portable drape support systems commonly known as push up. Our easy to assemble portable drape supports are suitable for a variety of uses in:

Crossbars and push ups are available in 3 different sizes ensuring we have a size that suits your project.

You can adjust them very quickly and accurately to your required height. They generally require no tools for height adjustment and dismantles easily. We can even provide you with repair ends for crossbars and push ups.

Why Choose Our Portable Drape Supports?

Imported Theatre Fabrics stocks and supplies a wide range of portable drape supports in Melbourne. These fully adjustable portable curtain support systems are commonly known as push-ups. Our products are a popular choice among our customers for the following reasons:

Lightweight And Easy To Assemble

All of our drape supports are lightweight and easy to assemble. You can adjust them quickly and accurately to the required height, without using any tools. These extremely mobile products are also easy to dismantle. We can even provide you with repair ends for crossbars and push-ups. Crossbars and push-ups are available in 3 different sizes, ensuring we have a size that suits your project.

Ideal For Many Uses

Ideal for mobile stage backdrops and enclosing preparation areas, our products are suitable for a multitude of uses, including:
  • Creation of safe and quick temporary draping
  • Creating stage masking
  • Photography backdrops
  • Improving the sound quality in a large venue
  • Reducing the size of your event venue
  • Creating hanging backdrops and dividing rooms
  • Concealing areas
  • Temporary dressing rooms
  • Creating a theatrical environment
  • Much more

Customised Product Option

We have the expertise to supply and install customised portable drape supports. We have years of experience servicing commercial customers and clients. Our products and services are recognised around Australia for delivering high-quality customised portable drape supports.
All our products are high-quality, safe to use, and are budget friendly. Whatever your requirements are, you can contact our experts for valuable advice. We stock a wide selection of products to cater to various industries, including theatre, entertainment, school facilities, events, photography, personal use, and more.

Portable Drape Supports For Every Project

Turn any venue into a stunning set with our portable drape supports in Melbourne. Create temporary draping quickly and safely whenever you need it with our innovative products at Imported Theatre Fabrics. With our portable drape support system, you can complete a multitude of tasks. This includes creating stage masking, photography backdrops, improving sound quality, and much more.

Why Choose Us

Choose the team at Imported Theatre Fabrics for your next portable drape support system as we are a reliable group of professionals who understand how to create the perfect set for any occasion. There are many reasons as to why you should choose us for your next theatrical project. In addition to all theatre set requirements, our products speak for themselves and provide versatility as well as dependability. Choose Imported Theatre Fabrics for: 

  • Fast and reliable service
  • Various theatre set requirements and products
  • A wide assortment of theatre fabrics to match your showcase needs
  • Assistance with any sized project – big or small 
  • An end product that will wow your audience 

When you’re stuck for time or haven’t been able to score the massive venue you wanted, transform the space you have with our portable drape supports and create a show you will remember forever.

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