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Imported Theatre Fabrics is a leading and Australian owned cinema curtains supplier with an extensive range of theatre and cinema curtains that not only enhance the cinema’s acoustic properties but also complements the design and appearance of your venue.

Our cinema curtains are made up of high-quality acoustically absorbent, heavy-duty, and flame-retardant fabrics. We also custom design, manufacture, and install different varieties of cinema curtains that are perfect for your needs.

A Wide Range Of Products

Our professionalism, high-quality products, affordable price range, perfect finish, and exceptional customer care have established us as trusted and reputed supplier and manufacturer of cinema curtains in Australia. We can manufacture:

Fine Quality Fabrics Used

Our fabrics offer you a variety of choice for custom designing your cinema curtains that suit your specifications and needs. Some of the best quality fabrics we use for manufacturing your cinema curtains that make them very popular among our clients include:

Colour Options

We provide a variety of colour options for velveteen and velvet fabrics that includes red, blue, black, royal blue, and burgundy. However, if you want a specific colour to enhance the appearance of your stage or theatre, please discuss your choice and preferences with our experts.

We can produce an exact match for you; however, a minimum order quantity will be necessary. Our stock colours for wool are black, royal blue, charcoal, and red, but we can also produce other colours as requested.

Our Molton fabric is stocked in black, light grey, dark grey, white, chromakey blue, and chromakey green.

Product Versatility

Our cinema and theatre curtains provide a versatile solution for a wide range of applications with excellent acoustic tuning, such as window cover, covering for hard and reflective surfaces, room divider.

Sound Absorption Properties

The fabric thickness and pleating system that captures the larger surface area available helps in absorbing sound waves effectively. Our curtains absorb the echo to improve the sound quality within your venue. Our acoustic cinema or theatre curtains serve the purpose of your recording studio, music hall, sound set, and auditorium completely.

We also offer acoustic & blackout curtains, painted backdrops, stage curtains, set building, artwork, and more.

Cinema Curtains Supplier FAQs

What are the curtains in the theatre called?

Stage curtains or drapes, as they are called, are used to limit the audience's view of certain portions of the stage. Stage curtains are large and come in various styles, such as the front curtain, masking, cross-stage, and backdrop curtains.

What are the three types of curtains in theatre?

Various types of theatre curtains offer customisation options for stage settings. The three basic types of curtains used on every set are Proscenium curtains, masking curtains, and backdrops.

The main curtain and the main valance are proscenium curtains. They act as a beautiful wall of curtains separating the audience from the stage. Masking curtains are utilised to keep lights and hardware hidden from view, for example, borders and side curtains. Backdrops are often hung at the back of the stage, but they can also be employed mid- or downstage to give the illusion that the setting is shallower.

Why are cinema curtains red?

Red does not absorb light much compared to other colours, such as blue or green. This means that having a red background will help to make the stage stand out if the production team wants to shine a spotlight on it. Additionally, the first colour we lose in dim light is red. This makes it more efficient to have red curtains on the theatre set.

Why are there curtains in a cinema?

There are multiple reasons to use curtains in theatres and cinemas, all of which make equal sense. Some curtains are used to mask the equipment and lights from the audience, while others are used to provide an effect to the set. Some cinemas also use curtains to absorb the sound, so it does not echo. 

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