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What is Acoustic Curtains

Acoustic Curtains are soundproof curtains that block outside noise and provide a cost-effective solution to your noise issues. These curtains reduce echo like other sound-absorbing curtains and stop sound from entering and leaving your room. 

Having years of experience, Imported Theatre Fabrics provides high-quality acoustic curtains suitable for rooms with too much echo/reverb.  Our soundproof curtains are designed to block and absorb sound. It is made from durable and beautiful fabrics with many colour options. Depending on your noise issue, we recommend customised curtains for your home theatre, recording studio, vocal booth, music rooms, stage, and more. 

Connect with us now for the ultimate sound absorbing curtain. We offer top-quality soundproof acoustic curtains within a pocket-friendly budget. Call us on 03 9583 9559  

Frequently Asked Questions

Which curtains are best for acoustic purposes?

Heavy blackout curtains are one of the best options for suppressing noise and have additional benefits. The drapes' thickness helps block out light and keeps chilly draughts from entering the house.

Do acoustic curtains actually work?

Soundproof curtains do indeed function wonderfully. However, they will lessen the noise and reverberations. They won't entirely isolate you because that would need renovating the room. If you want to, you can also install soundproof windows.

What type of curtains absorb sound?

Velvet is a more fibrous material with better noise-reduction capabilities. Suede and 100 percent pure polyester are other premium materials to consider while looking for the best soundproof curtains for your home.

Do soundproof curtains exist?

Many soundproof curtains on the market are made of triple-weave fabric, which makes them denser and more effective. Thermal soundproof curtains can insulate your home further. Thermal insulation can increase your curtains' ability to absorb sound while reducing energy costs.

Did You Hear About Soundproof Curtains?

Soundproof or acoustic curtains are pretty popular in the theatrical and cinema sectors. Since they are proven somewhat effective, many people prefer soundproof curtains since they are cost-effective.

Do Soundproof Curtains Stop Noise?

Sound deadening, commonly referred to as sound absorption, stops internal sound from echoing and reverberating. Numerous studies have found that while soundproof curtains are great for sound deadening, they are not very good at reducing noise.

Why Invest in Acoustic Curtains?

In addition to offering control over light and sound reverberation to optimize spaces, it can also help achieve the aim by conserving energy and minimizing the movement of heat and light through structures.

How do Acoustic Blinds and Curtains work?

These are thick, big curtains that you hang above your window frame. They could be made of suede, velvet, or polyester. They frequently have a porous surface that permits sound waves to be absorbed, quieting an area.

Do you offer discounts for large and commercial orders?

The rates for industrial curtains are reasonable, considering the quantity. We also provide offers and discounts from time to time with large commercial orders.

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