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The right choice of theatre curtains can transform the look of your event by complementing the aesthetic appearance of your performance space. It can mean a world of difference when you can easily manage and control your stage between acts by providing barriers for the performers on the stage when required. Our drape curtains can also be used for trade shows, events and private functions. Check out our projects page to see some of the beautiful work our team have completed or to seek inspiration.

Imported Theatre Fabrics is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cinema curtains and fabrics, theatre supplies and equipment, stage curtain tracks, blackout curtains, printed stage backdrops, acoustic curtains, stage rigging equipment, and theatre set requirements. Our high professionalism and excellent product quality have set a benchmark in the theatre and entertainment industry.

Theatre Set Construction and the Finest Fabrics

Step into the world of Imported Theatre Fabrics, where the magic of the stage comes to life with our exceptional set construction and theatre fabric services. We specialise in transforming your creative visions into breathtaking realities, crafting intricate Proscenium arches, dynamic Thrust stages, and immersive In the Round sets that captivate audiences from every angle. Our luxurious fabrics, from sumptuous velvet to versatile muslin and ethereal scrims, add a touch of elegance and drama to any production.
Our comprehensive offerings include everything from custom backdrops and stage curtains to masking and acoustic solutions, ensuring that every element of your performance is impeccably executed. Whether you aim to dazzle in the limelight or create a stunning coup de théâtre with your scenery, our expert team is here to support you every step of the way. Discover how Imported Theatre Fabrics can elevate your next production to new heights of theatrical brilliance.
Theatre Set Construction
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One Stop Shop For All Your Stage Curtain Supplies

Whether you are a designer, an architect, or an end-user, we take great care in manufacturing, supplying, and installing what you need. We also custom design and manufacture stage curtains, portable drapes support, painted backdrops, printed backdrops, set pieces, and much more as per your specifications and requirements.

We are experts in manufacturing all kinds of theatre curtains, drape curtains, and stage supplies ranging from front-of-house curtains, masking curtains, backdrops or scrims, legs, tabs and borders, and much more to give a classical look and attractive finish to your performance stage. We customise the product and accessories to add a touch of class and style.

Installing Theatre Drapes And Fabrics For All Industries

We understand that when you choose theatre drapes, their appearance and functionality top your priority list. We work closely with you to provide the services that are tailored to your specifications to achieve a desired look and feel. Our custom installation service ranges from simply, hanging a curtain to creating rigging lines and structural hang points on more challenging and sophisticated systems to support curtain tracks, lift curtains, and much more.

We deliver exactly what you are looking for. We utilise our experience and expertise in custom installation with a professional fit and finish in almost all types of venues. Buying directly from the mills overseas enables us to provide an excellent quality product at a reasonable price.

Theatre Drapes
Set Building

Set Building

An amazing set has great power to take your audience to a completely different world and be engrossed with the story unfolding before their eyes. We custom design your set as per your vision, inventory, and budget because your set is the first thing that the audience sees, and it reflects the mood of your production.

The plan and design we create for your set with our meticulous workmanship can enthral your audience. The skill of the actors on stage combined with the stunning effect of our creativity, custom design, and theme as per your storyline adds colour and glamour to your successful stage performance.

Scenic Artwork/Large Format Digital Printing

Our team of highly skilful and creative scenic artists will work closely with your directors and producers to sort out the concept or theme of your event. We can custom design the scenic artwork as per the theme and mood of your production. Our team of scenic artists are experts in traditional theatrical painting techniques and effects and are renowned for turning your exact idea into reality. We also provide large format digital printing solutions to complement the look, appearance, and concept of your show up to 60m by 12m drop, seamlessly.
Scenic Artwork
Fabrics, Tracks & Accessories

Fabrics, Tracks, And Accessories

We custom design, manufacture, and supply a wide range of theatre fabrics, tracks, and accessories. Our extensive range of accessories and stage supplies include shock cord hooks, sash cord, chain, curtain bags, hold ons, show carpet, vinyl flooring, drape supports, and much more.

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  • Molton Fabric
  • Velveteen Fabric
  • Seamless Nessel Fabric
  • Filled Cloth Fabric
  • IFR Wool Fabric
  • Chromakey Fabric
  • IFR Velvet Fabric