Sharkstooth Fabric - Stage Gauze Fabric

Size: 9.5m, 10.97m.
Weight: N/A

Flame retardancy standard

100 GSM
Composition: 100% Cotton

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More Information

Stage Gauze are open weave fabrics that when lit from the front (and the stage behind the gauze is totally dark), the gauze appears opaque and renders the scene behind the gauze invisible. When the scene behind the gauze is illuminated and the front lights on the gauze are dimmed, the gauze becomes invisible, revealing the upstage scene. The most common stage gauze is called sharkstooth. Sharkstooth comes standard in black , white and Grey but can be dyed to any PMS number. Sharkstooth fabric comes 9.45 meters 10.97 meters wide and fire treated.